Sophie Jackson is an illustrator and designer based in Chester, Cheshire. 
After wanting to pursue a career in art since an early age, Sophie finally took the plunge at the end of April 2020 when a fork in the road forced a decision to be made. 
One of Sophie's biggest passions is helping the environment and doing her bit for the planet, so it made perfect sense to begin on this path to bring beautifully designed patterns and artwork on to everyday products and household items. 
Not wanting to create more waste to the ever growing planet, it is crucial to Sophie that everything is made using either recycled materials or sustainably sourced fabric, and can be recycled again after its use. This may mean you don't see fancy finishes such as gold foiling, but instead, lovingly hand painted designs based on nature and our surroundings. 
All paper and card products are FSC certified, all cotton is organic and unbleached, packaging is recyclable or compostable, and everything is made in the UK, as locally sourced as possible. 
In house, reusing packaging as much as possible is important to help extend the life of a product.